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Лог чата с Гленом Куком

Чат проходил на Cybling по случаю WindyCon 12–14 ноября 1999 года. Оригинальный текст есть здесь.

Techyo: Hi Glen!

Gandalara: Hi ya :)

Cybling: Glen... Faded Steel Heat ('99, New American Library) a continuation of your Garrett Noir/Fantasy novels... how many are in this series now?

Glen Cook: There are Nine.

Cybling: Why did you first decide to merge noir type characters in a fantasy setting?

Glen Cook: Because I wanted to write the first book Sweet Silver Blues and my agent insisted I couldn't make enough money writing it as a regular detective novel. But I wanted to write it so badly, I finally wrote it as a fantasy novel. By the time I finished the first one I had the plots for the next two and so it's turned into a popular fantasy series.

Cybling: How many different series do you have going right now? Can you tell us a little about them.

Glen Cook: Just two, the Garrett files and Black Company.

Cybling: I've read some of your Garrett Books... But could you tell me a little more about Black Company... is it macabre fantasy?

Glen Cook: It can be in places. It's military fantasy, very dark (I'm told). My argument is that it's realistic. It's an ongoing story of a mercenary company that are initially the BAD GUYS. The books are told from their point of view and the force of circumstances through the books have made them become the good guys.

Cybling: Would you class them all as pure fantasy?

Glen Cook: Both of those series... yes. Well they have many other elements. I'm a very eclectic reader so I tend to not focus any given story on just fantasy. There's always Mystery and often horror elements in anything I do.

Cybling: So the latest Garrett book came out this year... What's the next book/story you have coming out?

Glen Cook: It's entitled SOLDIERS LIVE. And it's another Black Company novel. It should be out sometime next year.

Cybling: Do you project that you're going to start any new fantasy series in the near future?

Glen Cook: I had expected to begin, and I would start something entirely new, but my agent and my editor both are pressuring me to do more Black Company material because they sell so well.

Cybling: So unlike many of the authors these days... you're actually seeing royalties.

Glen Cook: Yes. Plus my books sell very well in Eastern Europe – Russia, and Poland and Germany.

Cybling: That's very interesting... are they translated immediately?

Glen Cook: Actually I had a couple of books... last two Garrett Books sold in Germany before here.

Cybling: That is very interesting.

Glen Cook: Right now I'm just working on the Next Garrett Novel.

Cybling: And when do you expect that will be out on the shelves?

Glen Cook: No idea. It's publishing date is very iffy.

Cybling: So it could be anywhere from a year to a year and half after you submit it?

Glen Cook: Yes.

Cybling: What is the next convention you expect to be attending?

Glen Cook: Chambanacon... which will be in Champagne... in the next two weeks. After that, in January, Chatacon in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Cybling: And you have a moving book store that you take to these various conventions. So folks can usually find you in the dealer room.

Cybling: Glen... it's been very good meeting you and I'd like to thank you for coming out to chat with us tonight. I know you've had a long tiring day in the Dealers room. I want you to know that I really enjoy your Garrett books.

Gandalara: I came in late, but, Glen – did you start out as a fan, and then start writing, or...

Glen Cook: I started out writing. Fandom discovered me years afterwards. I started going to conventions as guests before I become involved in any fannish sort of thing.

Cybling: Well let's thank Glen for joining us tonight.

* Cybling applauds Mr. Cook.

Gandalara: Hope to meet you at one, one of these days :)

Techyo: Thanks Glen!!!!

Gandalara: Thank you, Glen :)


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